About us


Our primary focus is on tv repair.  We try to serve our customers with respect and efficiency. 

We don't pretend to know everything about all brands of tv's.  If we can't figure it out, we will tell you so.  That is one of the reasons we recommend having your tv serviced by an authorized servicer.  If you have a tv that the manufacturer knows has a problem the authorized servicer will know about it.  Sometimes these problems will be covered by the manufacturer even after the warranty expires.  You may be charged by another servicer who won't tell you it's covered.

We try to service most tv's in the home.  Sometimes it must be taken to the shop if it's a tricky one to figure out.  Alot of the time we can figure out what's wrong just by talking to you on the phone and knowing the symptons of that particular brand.

Try us.  You will be surprised by how fast we can get your tv problem resolved.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 1993 and had been responsible for providing outstanding tv repair ever since. Our specialty is in the area of tv repair. Our regular customers particularly value good service at a fair price. Our business is located at 3535 Highway 153 in Powdersville. 864-220-5434